Friday, May 29, 2009

Report Cards!!!

I can't believe i forgot to write about this . . . . SO PROUD!!!
On the last day of school, Griffin and Molly brought home two BEAUTIFUL report cards! Griffin earned ALL A's!! Molly earned all E's and S's!! And, now, if you've stayed in my home for any period of time, you'll be a pleased as pudding too - - - - they BOTH received E's in conduct ALL YEAR!! Yes, ALL YEAR!

Honestly, i am a firm believer in good grades and doing whatever it takes to make those good grades. Thankfully, thus far, grades have come easy to my kids. I know it will get harder. BUT, more importantly than grades, is my expectation for my kids to BEHAVE! LONG AGO, when i was pregnant with Griffin, i made the mistake during prayer one day to say, "Lord, i don't care what he's like at home, please just make him behave and be polite in public!" Well, it is a mistake in a lot of ways, as i protected everyone else but myself from harm haha! But, it has paid off. My kids aren't the MOST polite, but they are polite and they most often behave. Not sure if they are fearful of the principal's office (because every so often i mention how horrible coming home would be if they ever went there for behavior) or if they just are GOOD!! Regardless, i'm grateful to have 2 well behaved kids. Time will tell if Camden is even able to make S's in conduct. . . he's quite the ham already!

But for summer kick-off, we were PLEASED AS PIE to see all those A's and E's on our report cards this 9 weeks! Way to go Griffin and Molly! You make being a mom so easy!

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