Sunday, May 24, 2009

A GREAT Weekend!

Is there anything better than a weekend spent with old friends? The hindudoctors have been visiting us this weekend . . . just kidding . . . their real name is Hinderaker, but years ago, Griffin referred to them as the hindudoctors, so they remain the hindudoctors. They arrived late Friday night and it's been pure fun ever since. Friends for mom and dad, friends for Grif, Molly and Camden!! F-U-N, fun!

We are about to fire up the wii and start a VERY competitive game of guitar hero . . . watch out world! And note to all . . .the KIDS are in bed, this is all fun for the grown-ups! Note the picture below and you'll see how much fun it really will be.

Another note - you KNOW these are good friends when you allow them to help you look under furniture and and in the cushions for the wii remote that is missing so you all can play. However, again, refer to the picture below, that i am much more "relaxed" than i have been in weeks!
Jeff and I bought tortuga 151 proof rum on our honeymoon in 1998. This is Kendall tasting it . . .

We threw it out after Kendall made this face!
This is why we're having so much fun: My mother's day present . . .
On a more sobering note. . . we have done some really fun things. . . the aquarium (along with 50,000 other atlanta visitors), the new "Night Under the Museum," girls lunch out for mexican, all-star baseball practice, dinner at the OK cafe, and plenty of playground and yard fun. . . oh yes, and let's not forget the indoor game of hide and seek today while it rained! LOTS of fun!! The "hindudoctors" are true friends . . .the kind that you treasure forever, that no matter how far away they are, we'll make sure we get to see them periodically. They were our first neighbors ever and about 4 years ago, were relocated for work, to Jacksonville. True friends, that when you see each other for the first time in 18 months, you just pick right up where you left off! I am sad that Tuesday will be here all too soon and they'll have to return "home" and leave us! What i would give for them to live next door again!

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