Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our New Backyard!

Jeff and I decided that it was time to spend some time and money on our backyard so that we can enjoy it. We have three kids that LOVE spending time outside, and we invested in the new swingset. Jeff also hung a "jungle swing" that is always a favorite among the kids - big and small.
This weekend, while our Florida friends were here, there was nothing different. The "jungle swing" was a huge hit. Notice the LINE for swinging! There were also times that we truly had to draw straws so it would be fair who was going to be the first to get to swing.

Note to you - it was double the fun when Kendall was a trooper and pushed them as high as humanly possible! Kendall is a TON of fun!! Our kids have always said he's their favorite! He's a big kid at heart and always makes outside time much more fun!

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