Friday, May 22, 2009

We're D-O-N-E, Done!!

We're done, it's over, i can go to sleep at a reasonable hour!! What a relief. Truly like a weight has been lifted! Since my last post (9 days ago) we have: sent multiple birthday cards, helped prepare for a luncheon, attended 2 preschool graduations, hosted a preschool picnic at the park, attended 2 board meetings for PTA, attended 3 (maybe 4 don't really remember) baseball games, attended 1 soccer game and 1 soccer party, celebrated 1 family birthday, worked (my real job) 2 full days and attended one luncheon, been at Duncan Creek ummmm, waaaaay too many hours to count and NONE of which am i paid to be there, quelched several "unhappy" parent concerns, said umpteen cuss words about "unhappy" parents, popped 20 full-size brown paper bags worth of popcorn, written about $30,000 in checks for PTA, gotten grass sprayed in my backyard AND sod laid in my backyard, had a cookout, planned a calendar for next year (2 really), volunteered to teach summer sunday school, grilled some burgers and corn to celebrate the last day of school, cleaned 2 bedrooms (that were downright scary) and embroidered WAY too many items to even begin to count - let's just say the business account has more money in it than it has had in a long time thanks to all the end-of-year teacher gifts i made for friends and acquaintances and friends of friends (not really, i took half the cash and just handed it over to the babysitter, who i LOVE and love to pay, so i could enjoy all those baseball games), oh yea, and my own teacher and PTA volutnteers!! Let me not forget the 4 hours i spent at school during post-planning yesterday - putting names and addresses on envelopes to mail messed up/correction yearbook pages. How many teachers asked me WHY i was there??? Yes, i'm here, you're here, the difference??? YOU'RE GETTING PAID!!!
BUT, again, that's not why i do what i do. Just in case anyone anyone of any importance at Duncan Creek reads this . . . i do what i do so my babies are well-watched-over at the school :-) I'll just put it right out there!

Thursday night and again today are clean and re-organize days. I am SOOOOO excited as our friends from Florida arrive tonight! They will be here ALL weekend and on the agenda are two things, maybe 3 . . . .TALK, and go to the aquarium. That's it. MAYBE a pedicure for anyone who is female, but TALK and aquarium. That's it. On my agenda, is also have a few drinks, but it will be up to the other of-age adults if they would like to participate in that part of my weekend . . . i'm sure they will!

Remind me in a few days how excited i was today . . .school is OUT!! I can rest. There is more news to share, but i won't make this post any longer. There will be PLENTY of time for more posts in the coming days and weeks! Enjoy your weekend! I KNOW I WILL!!!

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  1. Whew....Heather I thought my life is busy but you make my life look calm. :) Glad you will be able to enjoy a relaxing weekend with friends. You deserve it. I definitely think you should do a pedicure. Kick off the summer right!!! Hope your summer will be a little less busy. Love Ya, Kaylyn