Sunday, January 18, 2009

First Lollipop!

Camden has begun the process of learning to walk. In that process, he has started to let go of objects he is holding on to, and then just fall, several times falling straight back onto the hardwood floors and bumping his sweet little head. Many of his tumbles are just that, a little tumble that he doesn't even flinch at. However, on Friday, he took a big fall and banged his head back onto the floor. Well, he was screaming crying, almost uncontrollably. Then, good mom that i am, i noticed a lollipop sitting on my kitchen counter --- the tooth fairy had visited Molly at school on Monday and brought sugar free lollipops to the kids. Well, i pulled the wrapper off that thing just as fast as i could, and Camden thought he had won the lottery! The tears stopped immediately! Even before the first lick! Here are the pictures of the sheer enjoyment . . .
"AHHHHHHHHHH, open wide." Seemingly he hasn't mastered the art of putting the lollipop in his mouth with the flat part laying on his tongue!! HA!
"Ummmm, Whatdya call these things? This could be my first real word!!!"
"Does this part taste yummy too?"

"Really, this is fun. I've never had something quite so tasty!" "HAHAHAHAHAHA I LIKE THIS!!" Really, you can see him laughing. He was laughing out loud he was enjoying it so much!
Question for you . . . .what do you like to eat that makes you smile this much?

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