Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wow, It's Wednesday!

I can't believe Wednesday is already here! What happens to the days when the kids are in school?
I'm adding a link to an auction we have on ebay. I bought a ring at the apparel and gift market in the fall, and thought i could have it sized. Well, no such luck. It fit my pinkie and i wanted to wear it as a band with my wedding ring. It needed to go up a little over one full ring size. SO, we're selling it. If you know anyone interested, please send them here . . .
Item #: 130279334310
It is a great deal, and it's never been worn!

As for the rest of our week. . . we have quite some exciting news, but i have to wait for the kids to get home from school before i post that news here! Check back later or tomorrow for pictures!
Camden's naptime just ended. . . when you have hair like this. . . it MUST HAVE been a GOOD nap!

The camera really didn't do it justice, now that i see it posted here. . . it's too white to take a good picture! It was Albert Einstein Crazy!!!

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