Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Puppy Training

We went to the dog trainer today and wow, what an experience! She was PHENOMENAL! The kids have been really concerned about all those typical puppy things - jumping, nipping, chewing, etc. Well, Ms. Mitchell is THE BOMB! When i say awesome, i mean awesome!!!!! She obviously has a love for dogs, and not only that, a love for training them to be GOOD dogs; Well behaved dogs. We are invested in having Duncan be a well behaved dog, and she will be the one to help us get there. She worked so patiently with the kids and helped them to understand the good ways to teach Duncan good things. She advised us on tons of good "toys" for dogs and the right leash and collar, and definitely good training advice.
I'll take pictures the next couple of days and post them here, but for Molly to have hand fed the puppy - that's great!! YAHOO!
Oh yeah - if you want her name and number and live in the Atlanta area, i'm happy to share. She's been recognized as Atlanta's top trainer, by Atlanta Magazine! She lives in Flowery Branch - just up the road from us!

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