Sunday, January 4, 2009

Another Book Entry!

Seems like i'm writing my book every day . . .
I'm eating an orange with my dinner tonight, and Griffin LOVES oranges, so he say, "Mom, are you going to finish all that or do you need help?"
In other words, (i had already shared about 4 slices with him) he'd like to know if he can have more! Why didn't he just come out and say it?

We un-decorated today. Is there any day as dreadful and dreary as the day you take down all the Christmas decorations? No trees left, no pretty ornaments, a bare mantel, no cutesie tutesies all over the walls signifying the most wonderful time of the year! My front porch is still decorated. . . much to my neighbor's dislike I'm sure. But i just love the front porch greenery, bows, and lights, so i'm not going to take it down yet! It has nothing to do with the fact that it's been raining here off and on for 3 days! HA!

Happy New Year, to my yucky, blucky, plain house!

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  1. It's true... the house seems so empty. But, if you are from Louisiana, you can immediately decorate for Mardi Gras! :)