Friday, January 2, 2009

Add This to the Book!

I always say i'm going to write a book! Between my teaching years, my assistant director years at the preschool, and my years as a mom, i have so many quotes and stories, i truly could compile them and write a book that I'm sure could be a topseller . . .
Well, here's one entry for the book, enjoy the story . . .

While in Florida, Griffin was watching a lively episode of "Jeopardy" with my Uncle. (Yes, there are people out there that actually still watch this game show.) Well, at the end of the show, the winning fella won some enormous amount of money - something like $33K. Well, Griffin being curious asked, "Mom, what would you do if you won that much money?"

My response, "Well, I guess i'd put half of it in savings . . .(then after a second or two of thought). . . well, okay, probably not that much, because honestly, Uncle Sam would take half of it before i ever got home with it."

Griffin's response to my money plan, "Well, if i won that kind of money, I SURE wouldn't drive by Uncle Sam's house on the way home!!!!!"

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