Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tagged with a Picture Meme

I was "tagged" by my blogging friend Andrea for a Picture Meme and was told i had to go to "my computer," go to "4th folder" and then post the "4th picture" that is in that folder. I don't even know what a picture meme is, but i've done what i was told. Here it is. . . I think this is the Christmas when Molly was 15 months old - Christmas of '04. The truth comes out about how organized my pictures are. I tell you all, i don't scrapbook, i don't print them, i am HORRIBLE about pictures. I am TRYING to get better, that's why i created this blasted blog!!! This was taken in our "old" house. Our 2nd house that was still new when this picture was taken. Still had the original carpet. Can i say i loved this family room and how we decorated it for Christmas. Don't ya just want to go sit in front of the fire and relax!?!? I do!

Truth be told. . . i still don't have this year's Christmas stuff put away. Jeff having kidney stones and all, threw a loop into my schedule. And now i keep finding other things i'd rather do.

Oh yea, i'm supposed to tag 3 other people to post their 4th folder, 4th picture, but since i don't know anyone else that blogs, too bad!! So many of you say will start one, but no such luck yet!!
Start one now - Jill, Kirstin and Dawn - and then this could be your first post!!!

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