Thursday, January 8, 2009

Kidney Stones!

Well, poor Jeff is laid up in bed, full of drugs and feeling crappy. If you don't already know, Jeff has a history of suffering a LOT from kidney stones. Now, i'll tell you, to watch this pain, i sometimes think that it really must feel similar to childbirth. However, i sometimes don't feel sorry for him either! You know, to get to take lortab, percocet, and phenergan all at the same time ALL WHILE LYING IN BED . . . i just don't know. . . a day with kidney stones might not be so bad :-)

So, here we are. . . today's the day. He's felt this one "brewin" for a long time. He's had them so many times, that he knows when they are on the move in his kidneys. Just a little rumble from them and he's needing some pain meds quick. About 3 or 4 weeks ago, he called on his way to work and said he thought he felt it. However, he had his lortab in his bag and said he'd take it and come home if it got any worse. No problem, the pain went away. Then he told me after i returned home from Florida, that he had "the pain" again the day i left. Well, today's the day. He's been suffering all week long and now it's finally here. The party! He's drugged and in bed. Amazing that we're not actually in the emergency room. This will be the first one he's managed at home. Keep your fingers crossed that he continues to "manage" it. He does have to go to the urologist at 3:15, so we'll be leaving soon for that. Guess he shouldn't drive himself. . . little druggie that he is right now.
So say a little prayer for Jeff that this will all "PASS" quickly, no pun intended!! HA!
Tomorrow is my day for percocet, lortab and a day to lie in bed!!

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