Friday, January 2, 2009

Movie Day

We decided while we were in Florida that because the kids were so good while we were there, that we'd hire Morgan (our favorite babysitter) to keep Camden and go see Marley and Me today. Well, late yesterday, Griffin got an invite from his best buddy - Zachary - to go see it with his family. So, we invited our whole family, and we all went together. What a great movie, but don't leave home without a box of tissues. For those of you old enough to remember, let's just say, "Old Yeller." It definitely made us realize that we'd love to have a big dog that would wait at the mailbox for our kids to get off the school bus every afternoon, but we don't have a fence yet, so i guess that's not going to happen anytime soon. It was definitely good. Jeff and i are wondering how come it wasn't PG-13 as it had some moments in it that Griffin should not have seen, but still a warm-fuzzy, yet sad movie.

So, here's a quick pic of the kids all together at the theater. They all loved it, ate enough popcorn to make their tummies hurt, and are ready for round 2 of movies . . .next on the agenda . . . Bedtime Stories, The Tale of Despereaux, and some dog movie that starts in a couple of weeks.

We spent yesterday at the World of Coca-Cola, then went to Ikea for a little while, and then to The Spaghetti Factory for dinner. The pictures weren't great, but here's one of the kids as we went in to see the 4-D movie at Coke . . . Molly HATED it, Griffin loved it. Story of our lives! We are done doing . . . a busy couple of days. We'll spend the weekend getting ready for back-to-school --- Un-decorating, shopping for groceries, and getting bookbags ready to go, among many other things, i'm sure.

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