Sunday, January 25, 2009

I can't believe it's been a week since i've posted! For some reason, mmmm, maybe all the STUFF i do, i didn't find much time to be on the computer this week. I checked email mostly from my cell phone. But we did have a little bit of fun in the mix too!

We are still in awe of how fast Duncan is growing and how different it is to have a puppy in the house. I really believe that having a puppy is more work than having a baby! You get more sleep at night, but it really is more work, overall.

However, he brings a lot of laughter to our family too. He loved his first bath - which was actually a shower, and now gets jealous (as does Camden) when others get to hop in the tub and he doesn't!

I really don't think any of the McCreary kids - canine or human - have ever NOT liked the water! Maybe it's genetic, since their mother really could live in a swimming pool and not be unhappy, but they all love to be in the water! Okay, wait. . .the 2 years Molly had tubes in her ears, she didn't like when water would get anywhere near her head, but she still loved to swim with her head above water back then!

I've been horrible this week about the camera and pictures. I'll try harder this week! Promise. BTW - Camden's first birthday is Tuesday, and this Mama is not dealing well with her last baby turning 1!!! Who thought the first year could go THIS FAST??? He truly is, still the happiest baby i've ever known. I had to work tonight at preschool, so after, i met Jeff and the kids at a restaurant (because seriously, who can cook a meal when they are in charge of 3 kids?? - - jab, jab, Jeff), and no kidding when i say during the ENTIRE meal, Camden was turned around backwards in his high chair flirting with, and laughing with, the two teenage girls that were sitting behind us! Thankfully, they were happy participants in the flirtations. It has crossed my mind when we go to restaurants we should ask to sit next to the "good sports" that won't mind the antics of our happy little fella. He's not annoying, but if you were trying to have a quiet meal and didn't want a smiling, happy baby trying to get your attention, you wouldn't want us to sit next to you! He often just stares at people around him until they tell him how cute he is! I suppose it will serve him well later in life!

It's late and i have to work tomorrow, so closing this post. Will try better this week for more updates!

Happy Last Week of January!

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  1. Heather,

    I don't know how you do it with three kids, working and pets!!!! I have a hard time w/ just the 3 kids! Three kids is challenging but worth it. What is it with the third kid that is so entertaining??? Reece is the same way in restaurants or anywhere we go. I guess they have to work for attention. :) Reece is always cracking us up. Sounds like Camden is the same way. Well, hope you can get some rest sometime this week - haha - is that possible?? And Happy Birthday Camden!!! Yes, it is hard when the youngest turns 1. I had a hard time w/ it too.