Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Well, after many years of Jeff wanting a big dog and many months of Griffin and Molly thinking it would be great to have a new puppy, we now have a new family member . . .

Announcing the arrival of Duncan Skittles McCreary!

He is a 7 week old Golden Retriever. We drove to South Carolina on Tuesday night (no worries, we only had to go to the first exit over the border) to bring him home to join our family! He is an absolute delight - but i hope by writing this tonight, it will remind me in a few months (when he has eaten half the shoes in our house) that i did once feel utter delight towards him. He has the best puppy breath and the cutest face. He was very shy and quiet in his new home last night, but has adjusted well today. While Grif and Molly were at school, he was able to explore a little more and get to know Casper a little better. He loves to play, but still quickly passes out after about 30 minutes awake! The kids don't like his puppy teeth and puppy nails, but i think they will adjust quickly too.


  1. Too stinkin' CUTE!!!!! (And the puppy is pretty cute, too!)

  2. Can you say "a boy and his dog!" AWWWWW! Think they'll be friends growing up???