Friday, January 9, 2009

Update about Jeff

Well, Jeff and i visited the urologist yesterday for about 2 hours. They did a CT scan and found a rather large - 4 cm - kidney stone that was on the move. Easy enough. Bad news? There's only a 60% chance he can pass it. So, Jeff has surgery scheduled for 7:15 Tuesday morning to "blast" the stone and then clean it out. That is, IF he hasn't passed it by then.
Well, the miraculous thing is this . . . he hasn't had pain medicine all day today. He was literally a little druggy all day and night. Woke this morning and the pressure was gone, the yuck feeling was gone. Now, he was worried was it b/c he was taking pain pills every 3 hours, or was it b/c the stone had moved again? We are assuming, after talking to the nurse, that the stone is sitting IN his bladder. Can it come out? We don't know. So, we'll ride it out through the weekend and reassess on Monday. They may do another CT scan and proceed with surgery. They may say no surgery. They may do a CT and not need surgery . . . the options could go on and on. We do know that there are at least 2 MORE stones still in the kidneys. There's nothing they can do about those, just wait like a time bomb for this to start all over again! FUN FUN!
I'll update on Monday and let you know how our weekend has gone!
I hope you enjoy yours!

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