Monday, January 12, 2009

Jeff's Havin' Surgery!

Well, we've made it through the weekend, and Jeff still hasn't found a kidney stone. Dare i say it's like lookin' for a needle in a haystack. Guess this is a little more obvious, but really, 4cm is tiny. We are thankful that he has been painfree, for the most part, all weekend. We went to the apparel and gift mart on Saturday and walked around ALL day and he was fine. Last night he complained that his kidneys were achy and just uncomfortable, so we are wondering if there is another stone on the move???
Anyhow, after a conversation with the doctor this afternoon, he is still scheduled for the procedure tomorrow morning. We have to be at the outpatient center at 7:15 for an 8 o'clock surgery. He'll be under general anesthesia and they'll blast that little sucker into several tiny pieces and then clean them all out! Once the anesthesia wears off, he should be just fine. No more pain. That is . . . until the next stone starts to wiggle. We know that there are at least two more in the kidneys. . . one on each side. There could be more, but only two showed up in the CT on Thursday.
So, please say a little prayer. He's going to be fine, but i always get a twinge of nervousness when anesthesia is being used. He's been under plenty of times before to know that he'll do just fine though!

As for Duncan and how we're adjusting to being a family of 3 kids, 2 fish, and 2 dogs. . . Duncan is a great puppy. He's a puppy, no doubt about that. He thinks Camden is his puppy-friend not baby! He likes to nip at him and play, and Camden isn't so fond of the nipping. Do i blame him?
Griffin and Molly love every minute of him. Still a little anxious as those puppy teeth have nipped on both of them, as well. We have a private class with a trainer on Wednesday evening to help us teach the kids a few tricks to the trade of training him! She's got all sorts of ideas up her sleeve to help us. I'll take pictures and post them here. I have a few from the weekend . . .i'll post again later!

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