Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday Night

It's been days since i've posted. This week was PTA board meeting on Friday, and those weeks are always crazy. Exec board met before school even started, then we went to a volunteer tea that the teachers were hosting in our honor, and then straight to board meeting and passing out winter party checks to room parents. Shew. In the midst of all that i think i conferenced with the speech teacher, two volunteers, met a new secretary and filed mail three times. Oh yeah, don't forget hanging out with my kids while they were at lunch!! There are perks to my job at the school :-)

Well, Duncan, our newest family member, has made himself right at home. He is definitely still learning the ropes. . . seemingly the one he has mastered least - is that Camden is the baby in the house, not the puppy chew toy! Some days, he doesn't touch him or go near him when they are on the floor together. Today was NOT that day. I think we've pulled Duncan off of Camden at least four times. Amazing. Needless to say, Camden is being carried around now, not on the floor. It's almost bedtime though. And Duncan has already passed out at my feet . . .his favorite place. If i sit at the desk to return emails or work on the computer, he crawls up under the desk - seemingly very cave-like - and konks out - fast asleep. I'll take a picture and post later! But he truly is a wonderful dog. He loves each of us and is still so snuggly and loving. He loves his new food puzzles that make him work to get the treats out, and has pretty much mastered potty training. He will have to learn that he's not really a lap dog as he loves to crawl up in ours, but when he's weighing in a 70 pounds in a few months, that won't happen anymore!

We did finally make it back to church this week. Jeff has taken the big kids several times over the past few months, but Camden and i have not been. 11 o'clock is prime naptime and i just didn't have the heart to make him miss it. He made it through his time in the nursery and actually fell asleep in Amy's lap as she was so sweet to sit and rock him. Griffin has a flag football game this afternoon and made an awesome interception and also received the sportsmanship award for today's game. This also comes with a free pizza buffet coupon for Stevi B's. . . . mmm, mmm, good i say full of sarcasm. But we will go as he is so excited! Dad videotaped the game for me as i stayed home from the 40 degree temps with Molly and Camden.

What else to share? Oh yea - it was FREEZING this week. Literally we woke on Thursday and the temperature outside was ZERO! Here's a picture of Camden enjoying the warmth and peace of the fire. . . .

Tomorrow is a school holiday and we have nothing planned. Seeing as how you literally cannot walk through Molly's room, we will clean that. Otherwise, we'll see what the day brings! Hope you enjoy your Monday!

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  1. Hey Heather!!!! I just got your card in the mail and was happy to see you have a blog! I just got caught up on your life. :) I just started my own blog this past week so check ours out at
    Sorry to hear about Jeff's Kidney Stones. I totally feel his pain. I have a history of stones as well and have passed one two - not fun. Yes, it is as bad as having a baby. Mine was not near as large as his so I am SURE his pain was brutal.

    I can't believe how much Molly looks like you. I am seeing flashbacks of our childhood!!! And I still see Brian in Griffin.

    Take Care, Love, Kaylyn