Monday, March 30, 2009

5 More Days!

Only five more days until spring break! I can't wait!!! Well, wait a minute, can i wait?? So confusing. I LOVE having my kids at home, but really, does anything get accomplished when they are here for 9 days straight? We are not traveling for spring break, although we did debate 2 different trips, but really, i'm just planning on camping out at our own house and doing some fun things right here in the state of Georgia.

A quick update for those interested. Jeff is back on track. The stone passed and his drama was over. We did get an email from a dear friend who has suffered in the past with kidney stones and she had some good advice that Jeff is consulting with the urologist about.

Molly is back to 100% healthy. She was home from Tuesday through Friday of last week. She could quite possibly have gone to school on Friday, but really, it was Friday and she was not back to 100% and the teacher had said there were MANY kids absent with similar stuff, so why expose her again? We all took our meds to avoid getting the same crud, and so far, so good.

I am without a babysitter this week because Nana had the battery in her pacemaker replaced (and mom is there helping her) today, so i am not working and Camden is participating in all school-related activities with me. Watch out PTA, here comes Camden! We've ventured to the school already once today. We'll be back tomorrow. And again on Friday for spring parties. Wonder if i could make a go of it and be there every day this week since i didn't go once last week?? Fun, huh?? Please remind me, someone out there, why i agreed to do this again next year? I will say i am lucky enough to have talked a great new friend (or maybe i should say sucker) into serving with me next year. I have a great group of women to work with, that is the up side!! And really, i do it for the kids! And apparently, side note, my kids are well-known around there, and that helps me keep them in line :-)

Stinky pants is standing next to me as i type, so i'm going to logoff! I hope you all have a wonderful week before spring break!

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