Sunday, March 1, 2009


This is how it ALWAYS seems to happen in Atlanta. . . Snow at the END of winter! Griffin came home from school on Friday talking about how 3 grown-ups - teacher and two parents - were talking about there being snow on Sunday. I told him he must be hearing things! OH, how wrong i was! The day started slowly, but the excitement just grew and grew. We've had probably 2-3 inches of snow. The roads are very slushy. May i say, we had 3 days of rain leading up to this snow event, so everything is soaked. The wind is now so strong there are "wind advisories." Maybe that will dry it out some, but of course, good 'ol Gwinnett County schools have not committed to being in or out tomorrow. I guess we have to wake up at 5am to find out if we need to get up in an hour or not! UGH!
Here are many pictures from the day! The flakes were HUGE!!! See them on Jeff's head??------Side note ------ When i showed this post to Jeff, he said, "look at that huge snowflake on the back of my head there!!!" Well, poor Jeff just can't accept that the hair is getting "thin!"---------
We have about 5 pictures that all look like this! Camden's first snow! He was so intrigued by the HUGE snowflakes that were falling, he wouldn't dare look away from them to look at me! Notice that the roads are still pretty clear. This is early in the afternoon.YES, I did take the baby out with no socks and no coat. He was literally out the back door for 30 seconds. But obviously, he didn't like it! HA!
The previous 2 were around 3pm. Watch the following . . .
About 4pm . . .
About 5:45pm. . .
And this is what happens when you run out of things to do on a cold, slushy, snowy day when you are only a year old!
We've had a great day, and are a little hopeful that school will be cancelled!?!?! Are we crazy for wishing that?

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