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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Today was Molly's first soccer game. . . ever!!! She ROCKED!! Yes, I'll be happy to brag. My sweet, sassy girl, loved her first soccer game ever! She started off just a little slow, but for a chic that had only had 2 practices before the first game, she did awesome. There are no referees, just 3 players on the field from each team, no goalie, and (not to my liking) no score is kept! I think you should at least keep score. Molly has watched baseball since perhaps, the day she was born :-) And, well, she doesn't know anything but keeping score and to ask, who won. But, she didn't care this day, i will say!!

She started out a little slow, taking it all in, i believe. But by the 2nd half, she had it down pat! She was quite the star. THREE (count them 1. . . 2. . . 3) goals IN A ROW!! They kicked off, and down the field Molly went. . .straight to the goal. The other team kicked off again, Molly took it from them, and SCORE 2!!!! And the third was pretty much the same! After each goal, she was more and more psyched and liking the game even better!! Who says success can't breed desire??? It just proves that a little taste of success can push a kid!!

Anyhow . . .i have a TON of pictures and i'm going to load them here for all of you that actually care just a little!! I think there's 11 in all. . . maybe 12, so just keep scrolling to see them all! If you're in town and you'd like a morning full of smiles, just come watch a game with us!

You might have to look for her in a couple of them. . . it was misty rainy, so of course, she has the semi-curly long pony tail with a white ribbon streaming through her hair. No bow, she was mad at me for making her wear a ribbon!!! Her number is 12, green jersey, although you can barely tell the shirt is so long. In this first one, she's the player with the ball.

CONTROL . . . . Refueling . . . girl has NEVER run this much in all her life!!

Gettin' the ball again!
Fight for it, girl!!This is just pretty :-)

Headed to score, one of the 3!!
She's not the girl in front here, she's the girl in back. . . but if you click on this picture, it should give you a larger picture and check out the HUGE smile! Guess she was having fun!
Headed back for a fist-bump with the coach . . . she had just scored!
Right after kick-off, she took possession again!! GO MOLLY!!
And really, don't all little-leaguers play for the snack at the end of the game?? I made homemade cupcakes, in soccer-themed cupcake wrappers, with pink icing and sprinkles. I think she was more proud of the cupcakes we took than the actual game!
WAY TO GO, MOLLY! We loved watching you, but even more, we loved to hear you talk about the game after! You are truly a blessing to our family!

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