Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Calgon, Take Me Away!

Our trip to the pediatrician proved very exciting. At most, i was expecting molly to need breathing treatments for a few days, maybe an antibiotic. Never, have i been so wrong at "self-diagnosing" - which honestly, i've been pretty good at these last couple of years. When the doc looked in Molly's throat she said, "mmm, pretty red, i'm ordering a strep test and a flu test." Par for the course, for a McCreary kid to need a strep test. Molly and Grif have both had their tonsils out b/c they used to get it so frequently. Both have had it, even without tonsils.
When the doc returned to the room, she said, "Well, the good news is Molly doesn't have strep." I said, "Guess i know what the bad news is!"
She immediately prescribed anti-virals for Molly, Griffin, and Camden! I asked about Jeff and I and she said she can't prescribe for adults. Am i an adult?? I thought i was still 17??? When did that happen?? Crap, fine, okay, I'll call the family doc when i leave!
Called the family doc and was sure to ask about Khaki and Papa too, since Molly spent the night with them Saturday and ALL day Sunday with them. Sure 'nuff, we're ALL taking anti-viral medication too. Morgan babysat last night, so i've called her mom to give her the heads up and call the doc for meds for Morgan too! Hope this will keep us all in the clear! I'm hopeful. Molly is really doing okay. She is still running a fever even with extra doses of tylenol. But she's content. She did totally light into Griffin for leaving up the toilet seat. He is usually pretty good about putting it down. Goodness sake, she wasn't even going to the bathroom, just walking by and realized it was up, screaming and crying at him to go put it down. Can you say, sensitive???
Wish us luck, and stay away for a few days!

Jeff update - - - he is REALLY doped up, but feeling okay. The pain is under control. He did vomit a several times today and that is usually the tell-tale sign of needing to head to the emergency room, but he has managed it with phenergan today! YAHOO! I'd say another day or two and he'll be fine too!
Off to fix something quick and easy for dinner! Can't we just eat popsicles and sprite and call it meal?

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