Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What a Pitcher!

Griffin had his third ballgame of the season tonight! I HATE (i know strong word, but so true) 7:45 ballgames! CRAZY for an 8 year old to be STARTING a game at 7:45 pm. Usually the boys are lethargic and tired and just want to be getting in the pj's, not starting a ballgame. OR, maybe that's the moms that want that, but whoever it is isn't the important part. For pete's sake, it's almost 8pm!
Enough of my ranting, it won't change anything. Let me get to the good part. Griffin is a great catcher . . . last game he had an awesome game as a catcher! He was terrific. Tonight Griffin started the game at catcher, again, really good. But in the 3rd inning, Jeff needed to switch up the pitchers - bases were loaded and there were no outs - time for a new pitcher. (Again, let me intercede in my own writing. . . why are 8 year old boys pitching for the entire duration of a ballgame?? Obviously men are in charge of this league, not the moms). Back on track . . . Jeff - yes our Jeff that is the coach - put Griffin in to pitch in the middle of the 3rd inning. Boy was hot to trot. For the last 6 plays of the game, Griffin in some way made or assisted with 5 of the outs! He threw 4 - back to back - strike outs. Basically 4 up, 4 down, and threw one out at first!! AMAZING! I will say, the boy definitely has had games where we come home saying. . . what were you doing tonight!?!?! Tonight was NOT one of those games! He was an 8 year old on a mission and i'd say he succeeded in his mission!
It was quite a proud mama moment. I do wish i had the video camera. . .but really, that's just for teeball! :-) I know if it was a proud mama moment, it was a REALLY proud coach/daddy moment! You should've seen the smile as he came off the field after the last strike-out. Even Grif knew it had been a great night!
We love you, buddy! Way to go!

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