Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Scoring More Goals!

Molly had another soccer game again tonight. Let's just say, trying to get to Dacula at 5:30 at night is madness! Molly didn't even think she wanted to go. Tears, screaming, arguing, quiet contemplation, traffic, traffic, traffic. . .
But, the hassle and trouble was well worth it. Let me remind you that in the U5 league, they do not keep score. But, the McCreary family, keeps their own score books! Molly scored, although unofficial, what we believe were TEN goals tonight! She was HOT!!! We were so late arriving that Jeff literally dumped Molly and I out of the car to run down to the field. On the way down there, i told her i really hoped she would be "aggressive" and try to "go after the ball!" "You love scoring those goals, and Khaki can't be here to see you score them, so try to score a few you can tell her about!" (Side note, Khaki is in Florida taking care of Nana who had her pacemaker battery replaced yesterday. 2nd side note. . . Nana is doing just great. They've eaten out, run errands, and are just having a good week together, really).

Anyhow, ten goals later, she called Khaki. . . and told her she thought she scored FOUR!! HA!! See how NOT worried about it Molly always is? She's so laid back. But really, who would have thought that she would have been aggressive at all on a ball field? Not Me!!! But she is!

Thanks to Papa who made the night even better by riding WITH us, not taking his own car. AND going to dinner with us, AND staying when we got home so we could all go on a walk together! It's amazing how special the little things are! I love life from the child's view! They really remember to appreciate the little things. . . .most of the time!

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