Friday, March 20, 2009

Time for Margaritas!

Two nights of extra late nights. . . we're talking 1:30/2am. UGH.
This morning. . .get BIGS and Dad off to Breakfast with Dad at school, get dressed, get Camden dressed, drive to school myself. Trade Camden with Jeff who is leaving school. . . Empty PTA mailbox, meet at 8:30, empty PTA mailbox, meeting at 9, meeting at 10, meeting at 11:15. Conference with array of PTA officers in the mix of all that. After meeting, meet with Principal to clear up about 12 more questions. Empty PTA mailbox. Deliver notes to teachers. Return items to teacher mailboxes. Thank 3 people for their help. Go home. NOPE, just kidding, return to MY children's classrooms to deliver "they will be car rider notes." NOW go home. Make 5 phone calls to 3 people regarding PTA (shouldn't we just use 3 way calling?). EAT. BIG HEADACHE. Go to car rider line at school where i have already spent 5 hours today to pick up BIGS (shouldn't i have just checked them out?). Send 2 emails. Phone rings and GOOD friend fesses up that she "let it slip" to Griffin that she THINKS we're all going to get ice cream after school together. Oh well, who can't eat a cone of ice cream after this day?? Waiting for 4:40 to arrive so i can go get ice cream. BIGS are going to movie night at elementary school and mom, dad, and camden are going out to dinner with the GOOD FRIEND who told Griffin he could go get ice cream. Mom WILL have a minimum of 2 margaritas. Jeff has agreed to drive :-) LOVE my husband! He is so nice to me!
Have a great weekend!

OH ---PS --- My cousin is having a baby GIRL!!! Yay, cute clothes i can make for her after i drink margaritas!

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  1. Now admit it...wasn't the ice cream the best part of the day? :)