Monday, March 23, 2009

Is Jeff Glowing Yet?

This morning started with a real bang. Jeff woke me up saying, "Something's not right, honey, can you get up?" Over the weekend Jeff was suffering from a massive gout attack. Really the worst he has had. He slept on the couch, in hopes of getting comfy on Saturday night. And he attempted to sleep in our bed last night, but he tossed and turned so much, i don't think i slept at all.

This morning, when he woke me, i thought for sure something must have changed and he thought his foot was falling off from the gout. Fortunately, his foot is still attached, unfortunately, he was having, ONCE AGAIN, kidney stone pain. . . or what he thought was kidney stone pain.

I got up and got the kids ready for school, he stayed in bed, took a percocet, and started calling the doctor. In the midst of all this, the pain shifted from his back, to his lower right abdomen . . .not typical for his kidney stones. He was able to get a doc's appointment by the time i got the BIGS on the bus, and off we went. We arrived, they did intake, and then we waited. The doctor was pissed that he had taken a percocet already. Said he was "masking the pain." Well, the urologist that he just saw in February, purposefully gave him the rx for percocet so that he could head-off the onset of pain when a kidney stone starts passing. Who do we listen to? Lose-lose situation! Anyhow, they were afraid b/c of the lower abdominal pain that this could be an appendicitis. SO, after 40 minutes of waiting for them to "try to schedule an appointment" we went downstairs for him to start the long wait of being "fit-in." He had to drink something like crystal light, then have dye injected thru his arm, the once again, have a CT scan.

This one showed a kidney stone that is "stuck" basically. Not moving, and in the meantime, pushing on his appendix. Hence, the APPENDIX PAIN!! Good grief! We have called the urologist and now we wait. Wait to see what happens, if it passes on its' own, or if he has to have it blasted. With the blockage, there is a possibility for a kidney infection, so we monitor closely for a fever to start. Right now he feels good and is almost pain-free with just a little medication in him. We're hoping it lasts. He says he's going to Griffin's ballgame tonight. . . to coach! We'll see how that goes.

I'll keep you posted here!

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