Thursday, March 26, 2009

Panning for Gold!

Jeff has been "panning for gold" these last few days, hoping to find his kidney stone that was causing all that trouble! Thankfully, yesterday was the day! Early afternoon, Jeff found the stone and all pain was gone! Yahoo!!! Now we wait for the other two that are still in the kidneys. Just a wait and see game. But having passed two since Christmas. . . that's a record, even for Jeff!

Molly is doing a lot better. She is home again today, simply because her fever didn't go below 99.5 until about 5pm yesterday. She sat right at 99.2-99.8 all day. But last night . . . it was there. . . 98.4. She's going to school on FRIDAY! And, we're doing something for lunch today. She was so so mad at me when i explained that she had to stay home, yet again, i had to do something to entice her. However, my sweet Camden feels a little warm this morning and woke earlier than usual. I will watch him closely to make sure we don't need to increase his meds or something.

So far, Griffin is holding tight with no symptoms. Me too. Griffin had a first last night. . . . Three years of school and last night was his first skate night. He has begged to go since Kindergarten and we've always (created) had a reason that we couldn't go. Last night, i felt too much mommy-guilt, so off we went. I made him promise that when i said it was time to go, there would be no fussing, and he was the champ!! No fussing whatsoever! He definitely wanted to be allowed to go again sometime! I'll post pictures later!

That's it for the McCrearys right now. Hoping to hang tight with no more flu-like symptoms these next couple of days!

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