Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Still Doping. . .

Jeff made it through Griffin's ballgame last night. Could barely walk, but doggone it, he was there and coaching. Amazing what a dad can make himself do. As soon as he got home, he didn't even walk to the couch, he just sat down on the kitchen floor.
This morning, the kidney stone is on the move again. He is phergan'd and percoceted up, to make it through the day, hopefully without a trip to the ER for intravenous meds and fluids. Keep your fingers crossed.

Molly is home today! 100.8 fever, sounding a little croupy. She is always my "asthmatic tendencies" child, so we're headed to the pediatrician if they'll ever take me off of hold and actually speak to me and make the appointment. She CRIED, then yelled at me, when i told her she couldn't go to school today! How much she reminds me of ME!

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