Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mmmmmmmm, Good!

Two beers and a GREAT time with new friends! Last night out to dinner was a great reward for a tough day. No margaritas, but the beer went down just as easy! Probably could've been moonshine last night and i wouldn't have even choked! Lots of laughter, long legs (you liked those, huh, Jim?) and great conversation!
Today has been full of soccer, face painting, and now shopping for a friend's birthday!


  1. You couldn't possibly have had as good a time as we did with the friends WE went out with! :)

  2. Two posts on alcohol....hmmmmm? Want you to know that you inspired me to create my own blog. Check it out at

  3. Yes, i was nervous about posting the 2nd time, both of those starting with pictures of alcoholic beverages. But, truth be told, it was one of those weeks! And, for the record. . . went to dinner with 2 more friends tonight and had 2 more beers! I think that's a record for me since Camden was born! It sure was fun!