Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Has Sprung!

Well, it's official, spring has arrived. The weather keeps faltering, but today it is gorgeous! But, with this beautiful weather, comes the nervousness and anxiety I always feel as the end of the school year, baseball season, soccer season (new this year), teacher appreciation, PTA Spring fundraising, business orders for all the sports and teacher gifts and mother's day, and just keeping a house running all lump together. Ahhhhh, can i say sleeping pills??? My mind starts racing at night and i should just keep a notepad with me at all times. I get creative and think of things for teacher gifts that i can't remember the next day. I think of projects for school that i don't remember the great ideas for the next day. I have a to-do list in my head, and as i proved this morning, end up at Sam's shopping for the necessities in life instead of at the preschool picking up a phone list for calls i need to make!!
Anyhow . . . along with my anxiety, comes some of the best times of the year! I LOVE spring. Evening walks with the kids and Jeff after dinner at night. Baseball games, and now soccer games to watch! Time with friends. SO, all in all, it's not so bad. BUT, the lack of sleep and racing mind somehow seems to negate a little bit of the fun. This year, there is something else too . . . my cousin is expecting her first baby!! What a surprise for the whole family! A true miracle baby is on it's way. Tomorrow she finds out if it's a boy or a girl and i can hardly wait to find out!! She should know that as soon as i can, i'll have something precious embroidered and sent her way to stick in the closet for that sweet sweet baby that i can't wait to meet!
Anyhow - i know many of you read this and don't leave comments for me! Boo hoo. I've had two people tell me just in the last 24 hours that i am behind on posting. So, here it goes. . . .
TODAY IS THE DAY! We bought a NEW SWING SET!! We found a great company that is local and THEY do the installation -- Jeff's DREAM! Well, it's in the backyard. The hardest part will be not playing on it today!! Here's a picture . . .
We still have to mulch underneath and put in some "stuff" around it, but it is BEAUTIFUL! The company we used is Wee Monsters. They, so far, have had the BEST customer service. The installation was included in the price. They threw in an extra swing for us, gave us the staining of it for free, made changes to the ladder for us to accomodate Griffin AND Camden, came to our house before the day of installation to help us select the best location for it. . . really, so far, i can't say enough good things about them. I'll let you know in a month or so, after it's been loved a lot, how much we still like them!! :-) The kids are going to be so excited to come home today! They can't play on it until tomorrow b/c of wet cement, but really, isn't this great??

Another thing that didn't get posted b/c of time constraints. . . Molly had a USA Parade on Friday at school. They have been studying all-things USA and learned several songs during their study, so Camden and i went to school Friday morning to see the parade. Molly's class dressed up as Uncle Sam. Molly was actually the sign-holder and led her line in the parade! Go Molly! Here are some pictures . . .

The lady next to Molly is Mrs. Jackson - her classroom teacher.

Above is Molly's entire class. In the back row is Molly's teacher, Mrs. Jackson, Mrs. Emsley, principal; Mrs. Izadi, assistant principal; and Mrs. Friedman, parapro.

That's it for now. I still have some pictures to load of Duncan's graduation from puppy class, but no time left right now to do so!

Hope you all reading this are enjoying this spring-time weather too! If you want me to post more often, you better click on the comment link and leave some comments saying so :-)

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  1. Comments are like a drug, aren't they? Love the swing set and I didn't realize that was Mrs. Jackson!