Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thankful for being safe!

Have you ever had one of those moments where you just can't seem to get the "What-ifs" out of your head? I was SO there last night.
We were leaving my parents house just off of Thompson Mill Road. When we got to the front of their subdivision, there was a fire truck, two ambulances, and LOTS of bright lights. The fireman in the road motioned for us to stop and asked us which way we were headed. "The right . . .we need to go home," Jeff replied. "Sorry, no can do because we've had to shut the road down because just minutes ago there was a BAD (he said it with exclamation and sharp meaning) wreck and we are about to land the life-flight helicopter right here" and he pointed to the ground below his feet. We happily agreed to "take the long route home." And of course, were big gawkers as we drove away. Looking back, all you could see just a little ways down the road were TONS of flashing blue lights. Right on a sharp curve in the road. As we passed one of the ambulances, you could see feet hanging off the gurney.
Well, this just got the best of me and i broke into (quiet) tears. The radio was on so the kids couldn't hear me, but all i could think of was how awful the accident must be if life flight is on its way, how sad i am for that family to get that news. THEN, it HIT ME!!!! WHAT IF we had left my mother's just 5 or 10 minutes earlier?? WHAT IF i hadn't let the kids hoarse around just a few more minutes with the hacky-sacks they were playing with? WHAT IF they had cleaned up completely the first time i asked them to??? WOW, totally overwhelming. That could have been my whole family!!!! I do feel sorry for the family that had to get that phone call or knock on the door last night, but WOW, WHAT IF???
It makes me sad to re-tell this story. We heard the helicopter fly overhead and that brought on the tears all over again. That COULD HAVE been one of my babies having to fly off in that chopper!!!!!
THANK GOD for the timeliness and for watching out for us. I really do believe that when it's your time, it's your time. That's it. However, i am truly grateful that it wasn't "our time" last night. No one knows (but the good Lord, of course) what tomorrow brings and things like this just remind to be grateful for the minutes you have!!
Hug a loved one tonight and be grateful for every second you have together! Look how quickly it can flash before your eyes!

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