Thursday, March 19, 2009

Morning Discussion

This morning was a whirlwind. The kids didn't get to bed last night until well after 10pm because of that awesome baseball game we watched so, needless to say, it was a drag-my-tail out of bed morning for everyone! But the bigs are off, and Camden is eating some animal crackers in the high chair for breakfast! Yep, score one for mom, animal crackers for breakfast. All the essential nutrients and vitamins a one year old could need! I assure you, mom, because i know you'll read this, yogurt will follow shortly, and a good cup of milk, but the animal crackers were on the kitchen counter and i couldn't endure the hissy fit of not getting them this morning! Definitely a 3rd child!

Anyhow - the point of this post - - -
Jeff was puttering about the kitchen a few moments ago and i noticed an empty Enfamil (formula) can sitting next to the sink. I asked if that was "the last of the cans, is it empty?" A little background information: we are in the process of switching Camden over from lactose-free formula, to lactose-free milk. Of course, a McCreary kid can't handle just plain skim milk. There is a total weaning process. . . special formula for a year or two, special milk for a year or two after that, then MAYBE at 4, if you do the switch-over slow enough, the tummy can handle regular milk. Again . . . to the point . . . Jeff responded, "No - that's the can we washed out over the weekend, it is dry and ready to be donated to the preschool. But, the other can is ALMOST empty. I'll be so GLAD when that can is empty and we don't buy another one. But i'll be happier when we can buy just a gallon of milk, no formula, no lactaid, just grown-up milk."

Ummmm, what is he wishing for??? I almost broke into tears! Does he have any idea what that will mean? No more formula . . . no more babies that can't talk back to you! Ummm, no more lactaid, that means all the children are in school all day long and there might be 1 whole hour where the house doesn't look like a tornado just passed through Georgia! WHY would he wish this? I know that i will savor the first few of those days myself when they arrive, but right now, i am self-admittedly holding on to this sweet baby as long as i can. No, not BABYING him, but keeping him little and enjoying it! But, realistically, that extra money in the bank from not buying formula and extra-expensive milk, okay, i guess i have to admit, it will be a little treat! But not nearly as sweet as the kisses that are smeared on my face each day when i wake up my little guy!

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